Hello, Sebas, how was your trip to Barcelona?
Hello! It was sick, that was a pity that the first few days weather was not good but as soon the sun was rising we were skating all day long, lot of fun and lots of beers beers with the guys there!

What are you filming for?
I just started filming a part for DC Shoes, let’s hope everything goes well and it does not take too long to do it!

How is the city in terms of skateboarding?
Well, I’m going to say nothing that everybody don’t  know already…, the city is really cool! Thousands of spots, lots of people from all over the world skating … 100% recommended.


Author: Nomad Skateboards

In 2001, NOMAD SKATEBOARDS was created as the first skateboard brand in Spain. Explicit reference to the nomadism, the brand is based on values and experiences gained through a lot of travelling, meeting foreign skateboarders and the discovery of new spots.

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