Over the past months we’ve been looking for some new riders, and we are stoked to present our new team:

  • Cristian Delgado, living and skating in and around Barcelona. He knows how to handle ledges like no other. Instagram: @cristiandeelgarap
  • Miguel Sanchez, from Andalusia, Southern Spain. Silent killer, he just skates and destroys everything that he sees. Instagram: @m1guelsanchez
  • Vladimir Ivanov, from Sofia Bulgaria. This guy is a machine, he’s got pop, power and steez! Instagram: @vladimir.ivanov.g.b
  • Jeffrey Luque, from Andalusia, Southern Spain. Jeff is the team manager, always hyped to skate and have a great time. Instagram: @jeffreyluque


Left to right: Jorge de Torres (Zaragoza local), Vladimir Ivanov, Miguel Sanchez, Cristian Delgado, Jeffrey Luque.

Last week we invited everyone to Zaragoza to spend a couple of days and to meet each other. These days were amazing, with lots of laughing and good skateboarding.

Check the clip from this meeting right here:

Film: Mario Martin & Jeffrey Luque.
Edit: Mario Martin

With these guys we are sure that we’re going to have a great time for Nomad! Stay tuned for individual interviews, photos and more content very soon!


NOMAD SKATEBOARDS and KRID COLLECTIVE have been working together for a few years which resulted in many successful collections, and we are pleased to present to you our new project for this summer: NOMAD NORTH BOUND!

NORTH BOUND started as an idea from graphic designer Christoph Zedler to make a journey with his van from his hometown Basel in Switzerland, up north to Arvidsjaur, Sweden, to remain there for a month with Wildact Adventure Tours before going back home. With the aim to spread our love for live art, skateboarding, and lots of kilometers ahead, we will stop in various cities to exhibit live and spontaneous collaborations with local skate shops and skateboard associations.

Our “Nomad studio” is equipped with a mobile screen printing installation for immediate printing on skateboards and apparel. Everyone affiliated with art, design and skateboarding will get the chance to see the design and printing process on the spot for that specific location coupled with a nice conversation and fresh drinks.

Chris will be collaborating with all partners involved on the way of this amazing journey, designing from original concept to the materialization on decks and T-shirts, creating an unforgettable experience.

As an extra there will be giveaways at each stop and the chance to win a unique deck that will be designed bit by bit during the journey.

We will be documenting the journey and share the whole experience on the website and through our channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Follow and join our North Bound adventure!


Make Skate Olympic! Or not?

If you have followed our channels during the past weeks you must have seen multiple items of NOMAD SKATEBOARDS supporting the inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympics.

The decision whether skateboarding will gain the title “Olympic Sport” is to be taken in August this year. Since the start we are well aware that many people are against this inclusion, skateboarding is absolutely more than just a sport. We are convinced that it will bring positive things to skateboarding, and therefore we decided to step up and light fire to the already present discussion within the skate world.

Road to tokyo

With the campaign “Rolling up to Tokyo” we traveled from Spain to Tokyo with our own torch to make a documentary about skateboarding, the olympics and multiple perspectives on the theme.

We are in favour of skateboarding becoming Olympic, what do you think about it?

Watch the documentary here: