-What’s your name?: Andrés Díaz Caloca, but everyone calls me Niki.

-What are your sponsors?: Nomad Skateboards, AJ Project Skateshop, Lakai, Nowdist, Popcorn Hardware.

-How many years have you been skating?: 12 years.

-What is your favorite trick?: Kickflip.

-Do you have a favorite Skater?: David Fernandez.

-Which is your favorite spot?: Corte Never dies – (El Corte Inglés – Sta, Cruz de Tenerife).

-Do you have a favorite Skatepark?: The street is an infinite skatepark.

-Do you have a favorite city?: Barcelona.

-What music do you usually listen to ?: Old School Rap.

-What do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes?: Blondes hahaha.

-When you are not skating, what do you do?: Studying or going around with the motorcycle haha.

-What is your current setup?: Nomad medium steep kick 8”, Thunder 144 trucks, Nomad 52 wheels, Nomad Speedies bearings, Popcorn bolts.

Photos: Ian Paulo

Portrait: Sergio Del Rey

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Author: Nomad Skateboards

In 2001, NOMAD SKATEBOARDS was created as the first skateboard brand in Spain. Explicit reference to the nomadism, the brand is based on values and experiences gained through a lot of travelling, meeting foreign skateboarders and the discovery of new spots.

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