Make Skate Olympic! Or not?

If you have followed our channels during the past weeks you must have seen multiple items of NOMAD SKATEBOARDS supporting the inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympics.

The decision whether skateboarding will gain the title “Olympic Sport” is to be taken in August this year. Since the start we are well aware that many people are against this inclusion, skateboarding is absolutely more than just a sport. We are convinced that it will bring positive things to skateboarding, and therefore we decided to step up and light fire to the already present discussion within the skate world.

Road to tokyo

With the campaign “Rolling up to Tokyo” we traveled from Spain to Tokyo with our own torch to make a documentary about skateboarding, the olympics and multiple perspectives on the theme.

We are in favour of skateboarding becoming Olympic, what do you think about it?

Watch the documentary here:


Welcome to the new website of Nomad Skateboards!

During the past months we have been working hard on renovating our brand image and you are now looking at the first steps that we made towards a new era for the Nomad Family.

Just have a look around at our new site’s features. We will be regularly updating the blog, videos and wallpapers with fresh content.

Furthermore we have a new collection of products in the shop that will arrive at local skate shops in Europe in June 2016. As of now we do accept pre-orders.

We hope you like our new items so far. Stay tuned because there will be much more coming your way!

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