NOMAD SKATEBOARDS and KRID COLLECTIVE have been working together for a few years which resulted in many successful collections, and we are pleased to present to you our new project for this summer: NOMAD NORTH BOUND!

NORTH BOUND started as an idea from graphic designer Christoph Zedler to make a journey with his van from his hometown Basel in Switzerland, up north to Arvidsjaur, Sweden, to remain there for a month with Wildact Adventure Tours before going back home. With the aim to spread our love for live art, skateboarding, and lots of kilometers ahead, we will stop in various cities to exhibit live and spontaneous collaborations with local skate shops and skateboard associations.

Our “Nomad studio” is equipped with a mobile screen printing installation for immediate printing on skateboards and apparel. Everyone affiliated with art, design and skateboarding will get the chance to see the design and printing process on the spot for that specific location coupled with a nice conversation and fresh drinks.

Chris will be collaborating with all partners involved on the way of this amazing journey, designing from original concept to the materialization on decks and T-shirts, creating an unforgettable experience.

As an extra there will be giveaways at each stop and the chance to win a unique deck that will be designed bit by bit during the journey.

We will be documenting the journey and share the whole experience on the website and through our channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Follow and join our North Bound adventure!


A closer look to the RESILIO series by Jose Palomero

The RESILIO Series are a part of the Summer collection that will hit shops around Europe at the beginning of July. These products have been designed by Jose Palomero, the designer behind PalomitaDay. We asked him some questions about himself and the newest designs for Nomad Skateboards.

Hi Jose, how old are you and where do you live?

I’m 38 years old, I’m from Zaragoza and after living a while in Barcelona I ended up in Paris, already since 9 years.

How many years have you been designing and how did you start?

I come from a family with various artists, so in some way I´ve always been in touch with this world. My first real contact with graphic design actually happened via skateboarding. While studying in an art school I was being sponsored by a Dutch team. At some point I was thinking that it would be cool to design my own T-shirts and decks, and I became interested in various designing tools, typography, and communication, all with the ambition to start a brand. During this time there were no brands in Spain and very few in Europe. While I was orientating more towards fine art, Ivan (founder of Nomad) managed with a lot of effort to create this crazy thing called Nomad Skateboards that is now a reality. I am really proud to have it seen growing since the beginning.

“While I was orientating more towards fine art, Ivan (founder of Nomad) managed with a lot of effort to create this crazy thing called Nomad Skateboards that is now a reality.”

You’re from Spain, but living in Paris. How did you end up there?

After ending my studies in fine arts I started developing myself as graphic designer. I started with customers in Barcelona and Zaragoza, and thanks to my ex-girlfriend, who is French; I started getting more and more professional contacts in Paris. So in the end I decided to make the move. Now I’m living here with my wife and two sons.

Besides graphic design, do you have another job? What is your profession?

Teaching is one of my main interests. Transferring my knowledge and ideas help others to grow and at the same time it gives me a kind of certainty. Besides having my studio I have been design teacher at LISAA School of Art & Design, and after almost 3 years I am the creative director of the school. My work consists of brand development and adaptation to all kinds of supports. These past years we have created a new image, from the company logo to the interior of the 7 different schools in France. In collaboration with another agency we also developed a website that got an honorable mention at the Webby Awards of this year.

How do you normally start with a design? Where do you find the inspiration and concepts?

Picasso said that the inspiration always comes while working. I normally start sketching in some kind of automatic way, and the ideas start flowing bit by bit. My design style tends towards geometrics and “Raw Art”, two totally different worlds and it happens a lot that I end up in between the two of them. I’m inspired by everything that surrounds me, in my case nature, walking down the street, traveling, and art in general, and above all the conversations with my eldest son.

How do you know Nomad Skateboards and have you done more work for the brand?

As mentioned, Nomad was a fantastic delirium that Ivan managed to launch. I’ve been friends with Ivan since forever, and in the beginning of Nomad I realized the brand’s identity and the designs for the first collection. Back then I was still young and I had no idea what I was doing! Later on I collaborated with Nomad each time when it came up.

“I think that Nomad Skateboards has gone through a similar path, knowing how to adapt to the circumstances to be resurging with more strength.”

For the Resilio serie of Nomad’s newest collection, how did you start?

 I’ve been interested for a while in Japanese Marbling, “suminagashi” as they say in Japan. It’s a technique that is used a lot in binding and it imitates the veins in marble.

It consists of water painting with different compounds that repel and in some manner find their own way. It’s something unpredictable but with a lot of practice you can learn to control it. I liked this idea of adaptation and the raw beauty, just like water, which basically is resilience. I think that Nomad Skateboards has gone through a similar path, knowing how to adapt to the circumstances to be resurging with more strength.

Did you get help from other persons for the designs and their concept?

 Everything around me helps, especially my friends and family, but when I design I need to isolate myself from the world. The concept of resilience was already prepared by Nomad for a while with the whole idea of “Rebirth”, and I thought it was the perfect moment to give the concept a touch of my own.

The work turned out great! The designs are amazing and they will soon be available in shops all over Europe. Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I want to thank my family for their continuing support, especially my sons for being a guide for me on a daily basis. My friends for being another part of my family, and everyone who has taught me to grow and to be happy even when the wind comes from the opposite direction #Resilio!

Resilio series

Make Skate Olympic! Or not?

If you have followed our channels during the past weeks you must have seen multiple items of NOMAD SKATEBOARDS supporting the inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympics.

The decision whether skateboarding will gain the title “Olympic Sport” is to be taken in August this year. Since the start we are well aware that many people are against this inclusion, skateboarding is absolutely more than just a sport. We are convinced that it will bring positive things to skateboarding, and therefore we decided to step up and light fire to the already present discussion within the skate world.

Road to tokyo

With the campaign “Rolling up to Tokyo” we traveled from Spain to Tokyo with our own torch to make a documentary about skateboarding, the olympics and multiple perspectives on the theme.

We are in favour of skateboarding becoming Olympic, what do you think about it?

Watch the documentary here:


Welcome to the new website of Nomad Skateboards!

During the past months we have been working hard on renovating our brand image and you are now looking at the first steps that we made towards a new era for the Nomad Family.

Just have a look around at our new site’s features. We will be regularly updating the blog, videos and wallpapers with fresh content.

Furthermore we have a new collection of products in the shop that will arrive at local skate shops in Europe in June 2016. As of now we do accept pre-orders.

We hope you like our new items so far. Stay tuned because there will be much more coming your way!

The Nomad Family

Nomad Logo flag