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Social Address: Calle Miguel Servet 11 Local - 50002 - Zaragoza.

E-mail Adress:

Phone: 876 719 416.

Registration information:: - Registro Mercantil de Zaragoza, Tomo 4156, libro 0, Folio 205, Hoja Z59616, Inscripción 1.

This document, like any other document mentioned here, regulates the conditions that rule this website, as well as the acquisition or the purchase of products in this website. (Below the conditions).

By these conditions, it is agreed that the activity that Nomad Dreams Factory S.L. is developing through this website includes:

Selling of materials for the practice of skateboarding, as well as its complements and accessories needed for it.

To this, are added clothes and official merchandising of the brand for its commercialization.

Besides reading the present conditions before accessing, navigating and using this website, the user must have read the Legal Text, the Cookies Policy, the Privacy and Data Protection Policies of By using this website or by purchasing or requesting to purchase a product through it, the user commits to respect these conditions as well as every text previously mentioned, and so, if he does not agree with all of this, he must not use this website.

Hereby, we mention that these conditions may be modified. The user is responsible of checking them each time he uses, accesses and/or navigates on this website, knowing that the conditions that would be applicable are the ones that are effective at the moment when the acquisition of the products is requested.

2. USER:

Accessing, navigating and using this website grants the status of User, given that all the conditions established here and their modification later on, are accepted, as soon as he starts navigating on the website, this is, without prejudice of the application of the legal agreement norm upon relevant case.

The User assumes his responsibility of doing a proper use of this website. This responsibility will be extended to:

  • Using this Website to carry out consultations, purchases or acquisitions that are legally valid.

  • Do not carry out false or fraudulent purchases. If reasonably, such a purchase can be considered as done, it shall be cancelled and the competent authorities shall be informed of it.

  • Provide true and licit contact details, for example e-mail address, postal address and other data.

The user states that he has the ability to contract in accordance with the legislation established in his country.


Users can buy on using the means and standards established. They will have to follow the purchase and/or acquisition process of this Website, during which different products can be selected and added to the basket.

In the same way, the User will have to fill and verify the asked information at each step, even though it is possible to modify the purchase information before the payment.

As soon as the payment/order is realized by the User, he will receive an e-mail confirming that Nomad Dreams Factory S.L. has received its purchase requisition. The User can download his electronic invoice through the link enclosed to the sent mail "Order records" and can also follow his order "Tracking Invitado". An electronic invoice will also be generated and sent by e-mail to the User.

The user acknowledges, at the moment of the purchase, being aware of certain particular sale conditions concerning the relevant product. They are enclosed with it, or, if need be, with the picture of the product on its website page, stated, on an indicative basis and according to each case: name, price, compounds, weight, amount, color, details of the products, features, costs.


Every order received through, are subject to availability of the products.

If difficulties for supplying the item(s) may appear or if they are not in stock, Nomad Dreams Factory S.L. commits to contact the User and to refund any quantity that could have been paid, at up to the amount.


Prices are indicated below:

Web B2C Direct

  • Spain and Portugal:

Order total


Up to 32€


Over 32€

Free (Peninsula and Balearics)

*Canarias: For any purchase lower than 45€, shipping costs are 11.95€ and for those over 45€, shipping costs are 5€. Shipping done by Correos, cash on delivery not possible.

*If you are in the Canary Islands or other special areas:

  • Additional costs may arise when importing your order. This depends on the customs regulations of your country.
  • You will have to pay the tax and other fees corresponding to your country upon receiving the order.
  • Estimated delivery times may not be met due to delays due to customs events.

** Payment Cash on delivery possible(except for Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).

  • Framce, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Romania:

Order total


Up to 75€


Over 75€


  • Rest of Europe:

Order total


Up to 100€


Over 100€


B2B Store

  • Spain, France and Portugal:



Up to 350€


Over 350€

Free (Peninsula and Balearics)

*Canarias: Shipping costs will depend on the order. Fixed fee for the exportation will be included in the cost. Shipments go per SEUR MARITIMO.

** All B2B purchases paid cash in advance (PayPal, credit card, transfer), will have a 5% discount.

*** Invoice document will be provided after the order is placed and processed. Prices in the "web invoice" are an indication and are subject to changes. Therefore this is  not a valid document for the administration of B2B accounts.

**** Special actions, discount coupons and promotions on the website are meant for B2C customers only. For promotions of B2B orders, please contact your sales representative.

  • Rest of Europe:

*Shipping costs and shipping company depend on the order. Information will be provided at the moment of shipment.

Distributors Europe B2B

Payment will be by credit card or bank transfer. In the case of a credit card payment, please contact us by email.

Shipping costs for a weight up to 31.5 kg are to be confirmed with the transport company.

Shipping costs for weight over 31.5 kg are to be confirmed by Nomad Dreams Factory S.L. and the payment can only be by bank transfer.

Prices can change at any time, but potential changes will not affect orders already done, in case the user has already received an order confirmation. This condition is not applied to B2B orders that are meant for resale.

Accepted means of payment will be: Credit card, Visa and Mastercard, 4B, cash on delivery (the the User will not have any additional costs), PayPal and bank transfer at the following IBAN: ES05 0081 5081 7600 0129 2433.

For every purchase done on, the User will earn discount points. They can then be exchanged by the User on their future purchases. For every 0.5€ in a purchase, you earn 1 discount point. . They can then be exchanged by the User at the moment of buying (1 point corresponds to 0.05€ discount on products).

Discount coupons are not to be accumulated. In the case of multiple applied coupons, Nomad Dreams Factory S.L. reserves the right to remove one of the coupons accordingly and will communicate this with the customer.


Orders are delivered by Nomad Dreams Factory S.L. through the company contracted and designated by themselves.

Except in certain case in which could exist some unexpected or extraordinary circumstances, the order of product(s) indicated in each purchase confirmation, will be delivered in a period of 24 to 48 hours in Spain and in Portugal and of 72 hours for the rest of the world, as mentioned on the website, in the payment/order receipt sheet.

If for any reasons that could be imputed to Nomad Dreams Factory S.L., it were impossible to respect the delivery date, the User will be contacted to be informed of such circumstances and he will have to choose between following his purchase and receiving a new delivery date or cancelling the order with a total refund.

Deliveries are done on working days. In case of the User or the third person designated by him being absent, the person in charge of the delivery will let a contact address or phone so that the User can schedule a new delivery or recover his order by Central.

At sight of these conditions, will be consider that the delivery has been done or that the order was remitted at the moment when the User or a third person designated by him take possession of the product(s), which will be confirmed by the signature of the acknowledgement of receipt of the invoice at the agreed address.

Nomad Dreams Factory S.L. take responsibility for damages that may have occurred to the goods or for the loss of it, if it occurs during the transport and until the moment of delivery to the User.

Risks that can come from products after delivery are at the expanse of the User.

In accordance with what is mentioned in the Law on Added Value Tax (I.V.A.), this will be applied compulsorily in the orders that must be delivered in territories where it is applied, that is, if the address is in Spanish territory except Canarias Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

The type of IVA applied will be the one that is in effect according to the taxation rate of each moment.


At any time before processing the purchase, the User can modify or actualize his information, whether it be his delivery address or his invoicing address.

Moreover, in any case, the User, before “clicking”, can modify or eliminate the chosen product as well as change the quantity and introduce the discount coupon code so that it can be effective.



The User has the right of withdraw from the present contract within 14 calendar days and without necessity of justification.

The withdrawal period will expire after the 14th calendar days, starting from the day the User or a third person authorized by him, except the transporter, acquires the goods.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the User will have to inform Nomad Skateboards., Zaragoza (España) located in C/ Miguel Servet, 11 Local, 50002 - Zaragoza, which phone is 876 719 416, and electronic address, of his intention to withdraw.

In this way, he will be able to complete and electronically send the withdrawal form or any other clear declaration, through our website . If he uses this option, we will communicate him without delay, by electronic mail, the receipt of the withdrawal.

To respect the withdrawal period, the communication relative to the exercise of this right only needs to be sent before the end of the period.


In the event of withdrawal of the User, every payments received will be returned to the User, as well as the delivery costs (except additional costs that come from the choice of a method of delivery that is different from the ordinary and most costless offered method) without any inappropriate delay, and at the latest, 14 calendar days after the day when we were informed of this decision. We shall proceed to this refund by using the same mean of payment used by the User for the initial transaction. In any case, he will not be exposed to any costs due to the refund.

The refund shall be suspended until receipt of the good(s) or until the User has showed a proof of the restitution of the latter.

The user will have to pay the sending costs for the restitution of the good(s). Moreover, he will be responsible for the reduction in the value of the returned good because of a different manipulation from the one needed to establish the nature and the feature of the sent good(s).

In the same way, he must send back the good(s) by using or by including every original wrapping(s), the instructions and any other document(s) that is sent with the product as well as a copy of the purchase invoice.


Nomad Dreams Factory S.L, guarantees the compliance of the obtained good(s) with the concluded electronic contract.

In the event of defective products, Nomad Dreams Factory, S.L. will proceed to the replacement, to a rebate or to the cancelling of the contract, and the management of these measures will be free for the User.

Nomad Dreams Factory S.L. offers a two years commercial guarantee for manufacturing defects. The User will have to inform Nomad Dreams Factory, S.L. of the lack of compliance within a two months period from the day of acknowledgement of this lack.

Secondly, damages done by a wrong use of the products will not be included in the possible products guarantee that offer manufacturers. However, some products commercialized on the Website could present non-homogeneous features when they are crafted with derivatives of the type of material and consequently, it will be part of the individual appearance of the product and will not be considered as a defect.

For any kind of complaint or request, the User can go towards:

Social Adress: Nomad Skateboards., Zaragoza (España), Calle Miguel Servet 11, 50002, Zaragoza

E-mail Adress:

Phone: 876 719 416

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